Hello. I’m a composer, sound designer and musician specializing in adventurous soundtracks for film, video and performance. I’m currently based in Vienna, Austria, but I work with clients from all over the world.


I began recording at the age of ten using a cassette boom-box I received as a gift. It had a built-in microphone and I recorded everything: voices, garage doors, household appliances, the household cat, remote control cars, airplanes flying overhead, water faucets, desk drawers opening and closing, birds, insects at night, footsteps, rain. Soon, I had quite a catalog, dozens of tapes, an encyclopedic, but fragmented aural autobiography. I took piano lessons and played saxophone in the school band, where I got in trouble for soloing during the breaks between songs and straying from the sheet music. At home, I would improvise rather than practice. One evening, a friend invited me over to watch Blue Velvet and after that, everything was changed. I began watching films like crazy, reading anything about cinema I could find, checking out every title from the “cult” section at the local video store. I bought a synthesizer and started performing and recording with friends.

In Portland, Oregon, I studied music composition at Portland State University and co-founded “1908”, an enigmatic improv collective. In 2010, I moved to New Orleans where I played in “adventurous music” bands AUDO and Budokan Boys. I also began making short experimental films to accompany my sound pieces and co-founded an underground cinema project, Burgundy Picture House. At last, in 2012, I had my first opportunity to create music for moving pictures. Composing the soundtrack for Alouette, a dark and atmospheric New Orleans web-series, was an incredibly important experience. This was the start!


  • My soundtracks are original. I create music and sound uniquely suited to each project. I like to experiment with different musical styles, instruments and recording techniques.
  • I am highly sensitive to atmosphere and mood, and adept at expressing these through sound.
  • I have an intimate understanding of film language and rhythm. I craft auditory experiences that pull the viewer in, immersive soundtracks that reinforce and enhance the images on screen.
  • I’ve been listening, watching, playing and recording all my life.


My studio is small and I work quickly. I’m currently based in Vienna, Austria, but often work remotely with clients in other places, for instance: The Edinburgh International Film Festival, Alabama Public Television and Helios Design Labs in Toronto. For many projects, I handle every aspect of the soundtrack, from composing to performing to recording and mixing. Depending on the scope of the project, I also work in larger spaces and with groups of musicians. I have a solid network of likeminded musicians at my disposal. My rates are very reasonable, but I’d prefer to talk with you about the details of your project before making any guesses about time or money. Please contact me!