The Remembery

The Remembery is a symphonic synth and tape-loop composition in three movements, beginning in the primordial dark and ending somewhere in the suburbs, a long night’s journey into deeper night or an early, nervous morning. Or, as one critic has said, “A piece of program music created by aliens to commemorate and mourn the rise and fall of the Earth species homo sapien.”

Released 3 September, 2016. Recorded at Bad Storm Studio, New Orleans, February 20, 2014. Mixed by Jeff T Byrd and John Craun. Mastered by James Plotkin. John plays synthesizers. Jeff plays tapes. Vocal loops by Meghan Holmes and Danielle Dyar.

About AUDO

As AUDO, sound artists John Craun and Jeff T Byrd weaponize synthesizers, sequencers, field recordings, and analog tape loops in their quest for a terrifying sublime. Creating all sounds “from scratch” during extensive improvisations, they hone these sessions into evocative, conceptually unified works—music at once formally rigorous and intensely evocative.